Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ajijic in the Morning

It has been sunny today but cold. It is windy. I haven't been to the lake yet today but I could see from a distance that it is really churned up. Chico is standing by my computer waiting for his evening walk. I may take some photos of the lake. John asked me the other day what I like to do. I couldn't think of what I do. Then I realized that I spend many hours taking photos and putting them on my blog. This is my new passion.


  1. Is that a photo of a 'rolling' marimba? How unique! I play marimba ... but mine doesn't have wheels ... maybe I should add wheels & play at the local liquor store here in North Portland - or perhaps downtown Portland in Pioneer Square? (ya sure...)

    gawdILOVEMexico...! (and your photos!)

  2. Hi Gayle, I don't know the names of most musical instruments. It is charming to see musicians playing on the streets. Are there many in Mazatlan? It is still very cold here. Patricia