Friday, December 21, 2012

More Morning Thoughts

Sometimes I think that my life is boring but then I check out my own blog. I see that I do a hundred times more things than I would be doing if I were still living in the States. I hate to admit this but when I lived in Red Bluff, Ca., my big event for the day was to drive to the local Grocery Outlet and stand in front of their discount refrigerated items to find something interesting, that I could afford, to buy. That is just sad. I had three friends. No more. I spent a lot of time sitting by the river, watching it flowing by me and wondering how my life had come to such a standstill.

But now I go out to eat often with many different friends and acquaintances.  I go to different interesting markets and events. For me, this is an exciting life. In between these things, I am teaching myself how to cook the exotic fruits and vegetables that are found here. My next project is to create a cookbook to be put online about cooking these tropical items. I would have loved a cookbook like that when I first came here. And all of this, without a kitchen. Who needs granite counter tops and a fancy oven? I am using my creativity. That is the best piece of equipment possible.

Yesterday's market was very crowded. The flower stands were impossible to enter. People were buying for the holidays. I, of course, overdid it and came home with so many fruits and veggies that I can't get them all in my overstuffed refrigerator. Even though I don't have a kitchen, I have a frig.

I met up with a friend at the market but it was so crowded that I lost her after the first few stands. (Sorry Z).   I find it hard to talk and shop at the same time. I take my shopping very seriously. That's why I always over buy....  I guess it is a reaction to my times of going to the Grocery Outlet and not being able to afford to buy much.   My life is good here.  I hope I never have to leave. Happy Holidays to you all. P.S. Today I learned how to make Sauerkraut Soup. It is delicious. I also made some Corn Tapioca Pudding. Not so good. Win some, lose some.

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