Friday, December 7, 2012

La Nueva Posada with Friends

Carolina, Emily and Tom
I had to add Emily's dog Babette
The New Dining Room
They have remodeled the hotel. They made a new dining room and are making two apartments out of the old dining room and kitchen. It is because business is down sixty percent this year and they need the extra income. This is the first real feed back I have received about the financial situation here this season.   Maybe it is because of the financial problems up north or maybe the things that have been happening here with the violence. Whatever the reasons, things are not good.


  1. For what it is worth, I am going to Central America this winter but had looked into the Northern Mexico area;I thought it was still too unsettled to book. Maybe it is a case of familiarity, I have been to Central America many times and know my way around there,
    There is a lot I want to see in the northern/central part of Mexico. Maybe next year.

  2. Hi Norm, Sounds like an interesting trip. Thanks for writing. P

  3. As a single woman traveling, I found Ajijic to be very safe. Hotel La Nueva Posada was a great place to stay. I was there when they were painting the new dining room, but didn't know they were putting in two apartments. They have other casitas that are rented full time. I would think the low-season would mean not a lot of people are there, but high-season would be better. Will have to have dinner there when I come back in March.

    1. Hi Donna, Thank you for commenting. Let me know when you come back and maybe we can meet at La Nueva Posada for coffee. P