Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Heart Doctor and his Healing Center in Ajijic

Dr. Garcia
The outside of the healing compound
Dr. Arch sent me to the heart doctor for a check up. This is the huge compound that Dr. Garcia and his wife are setting up in West Ajijic.  Swimming pool and even a small pyramid. I knew I was in over my head as soon as I stepped into that extravagant and very expensive compound. Before I went there, I called and asked the heart doctor how much the test would cost and he told me 1000 pesos. That is what I brought with me. Since the Oncologist only charged me 500 pesos, 1000 seemed a little high but I had no other choice. The appointment was already set up by Dr. Arch.

At the end of the test he told me the cost was 2700 pesos.   And that, he said was half price because he could tell that I am not a wealthy woman. (Maybe it was my jeans and well worn tennis shoes that gave me away. Or the fact that I have no car.) When I complained about the added cost, he said, You don't have to pay the rest today. You can pay it later on. This happens often when Mexicans raise the price at the end. Then there is an emotional and moral dilemma added to the mix of surprise and anger.  When do I pay for the unexpected added expense?

I had a stress test and my heart is strong. He said my lungs are clear too. I had some other kind of test where he looked at my arteries with a greased up machine. I am clueless about these things. I was just very upset at the added cost with no warning.  I am guessing that all the walking and swimming  I do is the reason for the strong heart and healthy lungs. Good diet now too. I am hoping my recovery will be quick because of these things. Plus, all the love and support of my online friends and friends here. That is priceless.


  1. Who wouldn't be upset? One would think the cost for your exam knowing which tests are required would be a fixed price. I think I know who's paying for that beautiful compound. Don't feel alone, it happens NOB all the time. Good to hear you're doing well.

  2. Thank you Francisco. Good to know that someone else understands how I was feeling. P

  3. Im a very new researcher to the "retiring in Mexico thing" I was wondering in cases like this, what happens if you did not pay, does the doctor have any legal recourse he can take against you? Im not saying I would be the type that wouldnt pay, I was just wondering? Thanks, Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for writing. I have no idea what would happen. So sorry. P