Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lunch with Chico at an Indian Restaurant in Ajijic

The kitchen
The vegetarian sampler with hot sauces in little cups
After my very frustrating experience at the heart doctor's office, I decided to take a long walk with Chico. There is an Indian restaurant by the plaza that I decided to try for lunch. Since I am now mostly eating vegetables, I figured it would be interesting to see what Indian food tastes like and now I know. I don't like Indian food. Neither does Chico. That lunch saved me a trip to India so it was well worth the 80 peso bill.


  1. Awww....I LOVE Indian food. Before you decide you don't like Indian food, try another restaurant - maybe the next time you are in Portland. We only ate at that restaurant on the plaza once - because I did not think it was very good - very bland, and not seasoned enough. In my humble opinion...
    Pat Y.

    1. Hi Pat, Thanks for writing. Yes, bland is a good name for the food. Hope you are still enjoying your vacation. Your friend, p