Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Morning Thoughts--New Year's Resolutions

What a noisy place it was here last night. It never stopped until early this morning. But I finally managed to sleep. This is the first market day of the new year and it is gloomy and overcast outside. Every day I look at the weather forecast and it keeps saying it will be sunny in one day or two days and then those days come and no sun. The forecast is pushed up another couple of days for sunshine. It is getting depressing. Guess I am totally spoiled, not having to live through real winters.

This morning I am thinking of the coming year and my goals and other resolutions. I usually don't do that because it is so depressing when I don't follow through on them. But today I am going to do it anyway.

My biggest goal is to stay healthy. The older I get, the more important that goal becomes because bodies start to wear out after a certain age. We get old. We die.  That is how things go. But what about the in between? What do I do with what limited time I have left on this earth? (Last year at this time I was getting ready to have my thyroid removed. I was told it was most likely thyroid cancer. So I was getting ready for the worst and expecting to die. It wasn't cancer and I have more time here. What a blessing.)

My second goal is to continue writing on this blog and for But maybe I can also write on another book. About ten years ago, I spent several years writing a book but because I wasn't in a good space emotionally, the book wasn't well received. I showed it to a few friends and a couple of publishers and after all the negative feed back, I became very discouraged and threw it in a closet. Then it got lost. Maybe that is a good thing. Time to try again.

Maybe I will fill in some of the blanks between my posts, stuff I never shared on the blog and publish it through Amazon. It will take me a long time to go through all these posts, over 2500 of them now. But this is an idea I have been thinking about. There are many things I have not shared on my blog that may be of interest to people. More about the difficulties of living in a foreign country. Stuff I won't put on my blog because it is too personal or too negative.

I will see if I can get myself together enough to do this.... I don't have any other goals or resolutions for now. Well, Lose weight. Of course, that goes without saying.... go to the big wedding that is coming up in my family this August. Maybe travel around Mexico by bus....

Okay, now I have piled on a lot of goals. Travel around Mexico by bus? I have lived here for six or seven, maybe eight years now. (I don't count the time anymore) and I have never traveled around Mexico by bus. I have THOUGHT about it a lot. I did it when I didn't live here and was just visiting but not since I have moved here. Life is just too good in this one place so I keep putting off bus trips. Besides, if I write a book, I won't have time to be getting on buses and visiting new places. But who knows what the future will bring for any of us.

 Life is a mystery...... Sometimes an exciting mystery, sometimes tragic, sometimes boring, but always a mystery.   Let's enjoy it together.  P.S. Since I started this post, the sun has come out. What a pleasure to see it again. I am off to the market.


  1. Happy New Year Patricia!

    Anything you write I would love to read, just so you know. : )

    Also - I've just discovered that about half of my comments never make it to your blog, although I see the "waiting for approval" message. Maybe I haven't figured out how to type in the prompt (or whatever it's called) correctly. Sometimes it's hard to figure out.

    Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, abundant New Year!


    1. Thank you Barbara. Wishing the same for you too. I don't know why all your e mails aren't getting to me. I answer all that come to me right away. I know that filter is difficult to figure out but if I don't have it on, I get too much spam. p

  2. I love your realistic goals for the new year! I wish you all the best in accomplishing them. I think writing the book would be a beautiful legacy to leave behind and you will get way more out of it than touring Mexico on a bus. Although that would be a great adventure too, I think writing a book like you describe would be a phoenominal goal to meet! I've been told I should write a book recently by a friend but to imagine doing so is kind of hard to wrap my head around such a great task. You write beautifully so I would buy your book because I'd be hooked for sure! Pam in Oregon

    1. Hi Pam, Thanks for that. Right now the biggest problem is figuring out how to get the entire blog on my computer for editing. My friend Alex said he would help me but he knows nothing about the Macs. p