Friday, January 3, 2014

Morning Thoughts--Sunshine and Smiles

I spent the entire day yesterday in the sunshine. I think most of Ajijic did too. The Lake Chapala Society was crowded. The malecon was crowded. The plaza was crowded. People, dogs, cats, birds, horses.....  We all were basking in the beautiful sunshine. We rarely have so many rainy, overcast and gloomy days as we have recently had and most of us had been complaining for days. Even the animals were bad tempered and cold during those days. 

I see news about the huge storm which is in the Northeast of the United States and realize what a bunch of spoiled brats we are down here. We live in a paradise most of the time. Winter? What winter?

The temperature goes down a few degrees and the Mexicans put on winter jackets, scarves and gloves. And expats who have been living here for several years, quickly follow. The visitors, especially people from Canada, walk around in summer clothing, laughing at us for being so cold.

It is hard to think of anything except the sunshine right now. I don't have any real plans for the next few days except to take lots of walks. I thought last night I was catching a cold but this morning I am fine. Maybe I am allergic to this visiting cat. What day of the week is it? Oh yes, Friday. Veracruz fish day at the American Legion in Chapala. Maybe I will take the bus there for lunch. I bet the Chapala plaza and malecon are also crowded. Lots of photo opportunities!

I love to photograph happy people. It makes me happy too. Taking photos of happy people is like smiling and saying Hola to strangers as they pass. Their faces almost always light up as they greet me. They are transformed for the brief second of the smile. They drop their social masks and forget their daily concerns. They become the best of themselves and that brings out the best of me. Like I have said so many times, I LOVE MEXICO!    


  1. Hola Pat, We have a foot of snow in Chicago and below zero temp. I just look out the window and hope I can come down when my wife feels up to it. I got a sore back from shoveling snow.

    1. It was a beautiful sunny day here today. And yesterday. I hope you can make it down. Much nicer than shoveling snow. P