Thursday, January 23, 2014

Morning Thoughts from San Blas

It is difficult for me to believe that it is still morning. San Blas is one hour behind Ajijic and I have been up since six a.m. Tammy and I already walked through the town, ate breakfast and took many photos. Now we are waiting for Pat to return from an errand and we will visit another beach and take more photos.

I am glad I came to visit but also glad that it is only for a few days. I am not used to the humidity. The temperature is just a few degrees higher than Ajijic's but the humidity is much higher. I am having troubles with my breathing and that makes walking harder for me. Maybe I would get used to this weather if  were to stay longer but I am now looking forward to going home. I consider Ajijic my home now. I miss it.

I miss Chico and that crazy demanding kitty who also isn't mine but she thinks I am hers. Leslie has been going to my casita and taking Chico for a walk. Also feeding the kitty. She said that after two mornings of complaining in that terrible yowling voice of unhappy cats, she took off.  She likes to be petted while she eats and I guess Leslie didn't pet her enough. (What a demanding kitty.)  And I miss the beautiful weather where I can walk without breathing problems.

When we first arrived, someone asked what I liked about Ajijic. I started listing all the things until her eyes appeared to be glazing over and I shut up.   She is a beach person and she couldn't imagine living in a place that didn't have a beach. And at one time I felt the same way. Not anymore. Now I love Ajijic and swimming at the spa. I love the restaurants, the social structure where there is so much to do, all my friends...... Okay your eyes may now be glazing over too. I will quit with my long list of things I love about Ajijic.  

We are going back tomorrow morning early.... Ajijic, here I come....

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