Friday, July 11, 2014

Morning Thoughts----Acceptance

View from my deck

I have had no electricity for twenty four hours. It finally came on at four a.m. This is a problem for people here, especially for the ones who live in the Lower La Floresta area. It is beautiful but old and the wiring is worn out and when we have a huge storm it goes off. For us, that also means that we have no running water. I think now our water pump is also broken because it did not go on this morning with the electricity.  It is the second time this week that our electricity has gone out. Last time it was out for twelve hours.  We had a huge rain storm last night. My only window leaked and that is right by all my electronics. I guess it was a good thing that the electricity was out at the time. I also had a leak in my bathroom ceiling. The rainy season. These outages are continuous. Some people have generators but not in our place. We just make do, like most of the Mexicans.

Last night when the electricity was off and I had no internet or way to watch movies, I was just sitting on my deck, watching the beautiful sunset and listening to the Mexican children playing across the street. I thought of when I was a little girl and how exciting it was to go out and play.  I loved running around the neighborhood, playing hide and seek, doing cartwheels, playing tag, riding my bike.

 Life always felt so exciting and new. Now I see the world through old eyes. I appreciate playing but only by listening to the laughter of other children. A little later on in the evening the adults came out and joined the children. I could hear them talking and laughing. I am sure they had no electricity either. I love the way so many Mexicans can continue enjoying their lives without electricity or water or many other modern conveniences that people who have money think are essential to a good life.

I know there is extreme poverty here. I have heard of Mexicans living with dirt floors and only three walls in their houses. Yet, from the outside, they seem happy.   Their lives aren't dependent on comfort or things. They have each other and that often seems to be enough.   I have much to learn from them.  About acceptance of things as they are, not as I would wish them to be. About seeing the beauty of the world. About living without fear of the future. About living in the here and now and enjoying it.


  1. Pat, it is always such a delight to see your marvelous pictures. And even better to read when you share your thoughts. I am going to remember to play today.