Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Morning Thoughts

We have had several days of beautiful, sunny days. I know it is selfish of me to like that because the lake is low and we need the rain. But I hate those overcast and humid days. I go out and within half an hour I am drenched from head to toe. People ask if I have been swimming when it is just from the humidity in the air. I am appreciating every minute of this weather now. I am sure we will be getting more rain very soon.

Since I live mostly outside, that also makes a difference. I notice every small change in the weather because I am living in the trees. I am not complaining about this. I LOVE my new place. I love the views and all the greenery. I have privacy and peace here.  When I had the cold, I didn't leave my place for several days but I was fine with that. I am spoiled after living all those years downstairs in that dark and moldy place.  Now I have fresh air! 

My friend, Leslie, told me that there was another home invasion near the Lake Chapala Society. A 92 year old man was beaten with his own cane. They stole his car and anything of value in his house. I don't know the old man's name but Leslie said he survived the attack.

When I first moved here I remember people talking about home invasions. Sometimes I would hear, "Yes, but the robbers were very polite while they were taking my things."  I never heard of expats getting beat up or murdered. Now it is a different story.  They are beating up and sometimes killing the home owners when they rob their homes. This is a very bad sign. It worries me and makes me wonder how things are going to progress in the future.  Will I be able to feel safe in the future? I am taking things day by day. I know this upstairs room isn't a long term thing because my landlord may move back to Canada. He isn't the owner of this home. When he goes, I will have to go too.  I do not want to rent this entire place.

There is only one thing for certain in this world, Change.... So I am living with the expectation that any day everything will change and I will have to move on..... Until that time, I am enjoying my tree house. That is how I refer to my place now. Maybe my next residence really will be in a tree house. Next to a beautiful beach.  That would be my dream place.....


  1. It is tough crime is everywhere no matter where you live. In the states there is too much crime to keep up with and many of the elderly get attacked and robbed here too. The difference is it's not a foreign country where so many foreigners are targeted as opposed to at Lakeside. So I think living in a secure gated community is better there than living in just an open development or free standing home or like where your friend Maria lives, with other single women. I think robbers would be less likely to hit those places because they would risk getting attacked back or getting caught. Also I think if you have a dog or dogs you are safer than without one. Especially a big dog they work as an alarm system so that can make a difference too. I wouldn't ever live in the community you are in because of your experiences dealing with the community association members. I have considered the Ensenada area of MX because of it's close proximity to San Diego but it doesn't have the sense of Expat community that I am attracted to that is at Lakeside. Also it doesn't have the same feel of a retirement community or the specialness I sense about Lakeside from everything I've read on forums and blogs. Beach living has always been my dream too, but whether that can ever be a reality is yet to be discovered :) Pam in OR

  2. HI Pam, I believe Marie's place if very safe. There is no way to get in there unless you live in the complex. I also believe it is safer to live in a Mexican community. Your neighbors look out for you and you don't look like you have anything to steal. Gated communities are sometimes a huge target for robbers. p

  3. Good to know about Marie's place :)

    1. Yes, it is a real find. Unfortunately, all the places are now rented. p

  4. There's an article in the Guadalajara Reporter about this home invasion of the elderly couple--the man is 93 and his wife is 88:

    Also, the Lake Chapala Reporter recently did an interview with the Chapala Police Chief, Ramon del Arco. Here's what he said about crime in Ajijic vs. Chapala:

    LCR: Are there differences in these crimes between, say, Chapala and Ajijic?

    DA: Yes. Burglaries in Ajijic are usually very well planned out. In Chapala, it’s based more on drug addicts finding an immediate opportunity. If they haven’t seen anybody in the house for a few days, they’ll jump the fence to see what’s going on. One of the programs we’re starting is drug-prevention for kids. In Ajijic, some people prefer to burglarize instead of work. In Chapala, it’s often to support a drug habit.

    LCR: What can people do?

    DA: It’s very important for people to be aware when something is “off,” when something is different in the neighborhood. Since I’ve taken office, I’ve stressed that it’s important for my patrols to be on the streets and available. That way, if someone calls about a suspicious activity, the patrols can arrive quickly. In fact, I want everyone to have my cell phone number. It’s 331-271-8998. Even if some of our patrols are doing something they shouldn’t be doing, call me.

    By the way, there used to be a person who used tear gas or pepper spray to rob people awhile ago. Well, he’s back. He’s been in Rancho del Oro, La Floresta, Las Salvias.

    LCR: What can we do to help?

    DA: Stay in touch with your neighbors. Make sure they call the police and file a denuncia when anything like this happens. It’s a community issue.

  5. Thank you. Very interesting. Lots of talk. Little action......p