Monday, July 21, 2014

Loretta and I visit with Marie

Marie with Chico and Loreetta


  1. Lovely pictures as always! I hope that the rainy season doesn't always get you totally down as the opposite is really the worse proposition. Areas like California or where I am in Texas and further West are in drought conditions with no real relief in sight. Any way, enjoy the rest of the Summer as best you can.

    Scott in TX

    1. Hi Scott, Thank you for the comment. Wish I could send some of this rain up your way. P

  2. I think Lake Chapala has the perfect rain season cause it seems most days are gorgeous and the rain is mostly at night time. I think though having a car would be kind of nice during this season for sure. I would have to own a car or I'd feel stuck specially on days when it is raining buckets outside! pam in oregon

  3. HI Pam, Good to hear from you. When it rains buckets during the day, it only lasts about an hour. You can always duck into a restaurant and wait it out. We have excellent bus service here. I also get a lot more exercise without a car. p