Friday, November 6, 2015

Afternoon Thoughts in San Blas

I am in San Blas for a few days, visiting with my friend Pat. Taking a much needed vacation. We found a beautiful hotel on the beach with a large swimming pool. The grounds are filled with hundreds of large coconut trees. We have been swimming there every morning. I am drinking lots of fresh coconut juice.  So far, we are the only customers. It is like visiting an expensive resort that is deserted. I would love to show photos. Unfortunately I just brought my I pad 1 and forgot the camera connector. When I get back to Ajijic I will put on photos. Pat and I are planning on spending a night at the hotel next week. All the rooms are empty. Cost for a room for one person is 500 pesos a night. (She is taking a room with an extra window and view of the ocean. I am taking one with a new soft mattress.) That is less than Motel 6 was years ago. 

I feel blessed to have this time in the jungle and ocean with my friend. I need to heal in my mind and body after being kicked out of my long term living situation and falling down the stairs. Banging up my knee. Then moving. I had five truck loads of stuff. I came to Mexico, about eight years ago, with just two suitcases of stuff.    Makes me think about George Carlin's rift on you tube about stuff. Very funny and too true.

 Before moving to Ajijic I came here for several years for months at a time. So this feels like a second home. I feel safe here and at peace. Maybe later in the winter I will come back for a month or two. I am trying not to think about the future. I just want to relax and enjoy today and the next week or so.  Maybe forgetting my camera connector was a good thing. It keeps me centered in the natural world instead of the Internet. Being in nature is very healing. I feel like I had lost myself for awhile. Now I am once again coming home to myself. 


  1. Nice essay...well said. Enjoy your time and relax. See you in the Spring.

  2. Your IPad has a built in camera doesn't it? No need for any connectors.
    How wonderful to take a beach vacation at such great rates. I used to go to a wonderful Posada at Pie de la Cuesta for $35 a night directly on the ocean. Ceiling fans and no TV...just hammocks, good food and the sound of waves. SO relaxing.
    What is the name of the hotel?
    Enjoy yourself.
    Linda from Indiana

  3. Hi Linda, I pad 1 doesn't have a camera. I should have brought my new I pad. I will look at the name of the hotel today. Thanks for writing. P

  4. It sounds like a wonderful and relaxing trip.

    I am glad you are on a nice vacation after the stress of the eviction and move.


    1. Thank you Cathy. I appreciate your good wishes. p