Saturday, October 31, 2015

Morning Thoughts---Happy Halloween

This morning the cohetes (fireworks) started going off at five in the morning. When they go off, my neighbor's big dog freaks out and throws herself against a set of heavy wooden doors. It sounds like someone is trying to break into my place. Then all the neighborhood dogs start barking. This same dog has puppies and they start crying early. They cry on and off all day. It seems like hours at a time. Probably only twenty minutes.  I have a hard time ignoring crying puppies so time stretches out. I don't know how the Mexicans can ignore their desperate cries. And I was worried about Chico barking up a storm and getting us kicked out. He rarely barks. He can't see the street so he just sits quietly on the bed, happy. Maybe all that barking tired him out. Too much responsibility, guarding such a huge two story home. Now he can just relax. 

Also, the neighbor starts her washing machine often at five a.m. or eleven at night. It sounds like it is in my yard. But I have friends living in mansions and they too have problems with noise. If I start getting irritated, I put in my ear plugs and say a prayer of thanks that everything else here is perfect for me and my rent is only a hundred and fifty dollars a month. That makes up for all the noise. 

I hope some children come by for trick or treating this evening. I am ready with some candy and my camera. I know there are lots of children living in this neighborhood.  There are more small houses here than where I used to live. It is much poorer. But people are always out on the street and they seem happy. Everyone always says hello. Even the tough looking young men who hang out at night on the street corner smoking pot. 

My friend Virginia is moving here today and she will pass out the candy while I take the pictures. The altars will be up on the first and second in Chapala. I will go on the second and on the third I take the bus to San Blas.  I hope it won't be as rainy over there. Virginia and her daughter Allie will be staying here while I am gone, and most likely it won't be over one week. The jejenes usually drive me back home in a week. 



  1. Pat, I'm so happy for you in this home! It's been a while since I've been on your site because I'm chomping at the bit to be in Ajijic and it drives me crazy reading everyone's blogs. I am planning on being there this time in 2017. How did you get such a great deal on a house!! Wishing you, Chico, and _______ the best!

  2. Hi Lorrie, I got the house through Ellie, my wonderful Mexican maid. Thank you for your good wishes. P

  3. I'm planning another visit at Easter, then perhaps one more visit to put a deposit on a place. Believe it or not when I visited Ajijic in 2012, friends of mine from Albuquerque came down to see me. They loved it so much they now live in La Floresta. Makes me mad that they got there before me!!! LOL!

  4. Your new home is perfect (except noise)! Congrats and thanks for the Vino Blanco history and the baby is safe in Paradise at Yves'. Yves told me he wanted to buy him from Pedro (when he could no longer care for him), but he would only take a dollar. He is a great guy, has driven my friends and I home twice. So glad you are having a real vacation and good healing time with Pat. Blessings!