Monday, October 26, 2015

Morning Thoughts. Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead will soon be here. Unfortunately, I missed the Zombie dance on Saturday. I hope I can make it to some of the other festivities. I will take lots of photos and put them on here. After it is all over, I am taking a trip to San Blas to visit with my friend Pat. San Blas was bypassed by the hurricane. I don't know how much writing I will be doing on my trip nor how long I will be gone. I may decide to visit some other cities in Mexico after the jejenes run me out of San Blas. I am not even sure if I am taking my I pad. I don't want to worry about it. I will see how I feel as I get closer to time for me to leave here. I have two friends house sitting for me so it is a perfect opportunity to travel. So if I don't write for a long while, know that I am traveling and taking photos to share at a later date. 

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