Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I am now settled into my new home. Except for buying a washer and dryer. Okay, maybe a couple of ceiling fans too. I love being so close to the market and the bus. I love having a kitchen. I love having privacy. Chico and Olive both seem happy here. 

So many people wrote to me after I put on photos of my place. Wishing me well and complimenting me on my new home. I was surprised and happy. I sometimes get lonely and it is good to know that there are people in the world who care about what happens to me. That is such a gift.

The Day of the Dead is coming soon. I will take photos of some of the events and write about it for Access Lake Chapala. Then my friend Virginia is going to stay here and take care of the animals while I make a short trip to visit my friend Pat in San Blas. I will stay a week or so, if the jejenes don't drive me out sooner. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote to me about my new place and wished me well.   Thank you!


  1. So happy to read you, Chico and Olive are finally settled in. You know how we worry.
    Take care and relax, you are home.

  2. I am so happy you are enjoying your new home! Looking forward to the Dia de los Muertos pics!
    Take care, and give Chico and Olive a pet from me.
    Karen in VA

  3. I am so glad it all worked out in the end.

    In one of your recent posts you mentioned the monthly rent in pesos. I did the conversion and almost fell off my chair! It is a really nice place and such a great price.

    Can't wait to see the photos of Day of the Dead and all your future adventures (and photos of Chico and Olive).


    1. I know Cathy, I am amazed too at the price. Thanks for writing.

  4. When you have these challenges you always seem to end up better off. Love your blog.

  5. So happy for you that you found such a nice place to live with such a great location. Also that Chico is with you.

  6. Thank you. Good to hear from you. P