Sunday, November 8, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I am still in San Blas with my friend. Yesterday we went again to the hotel to swim. We were surprised to see other people there. I guess they only go there on weekends. So today we are going to the local beach instead.

This morning when I took out the garbage I was attacked by the jejenes or maybe it was mosquitoes. Doesn't matter, mosquitoes, jejenes, all the bites hurt. Now my plan to return for a month this winter has disappeared. Also mosquitoes here sometimes carry Dengue fever. I think I will just enjoy my time here now and stay home this winter. Buy another pass for the spa and swim there. 

We went out to dinner last night and the restaurant was almost empty. Food was so so and expensive. Right now there are very few tourists in town. More come in during the winter, but I am going to stick close to home this winter. It is beautiful in my friend's home but hot and sultry outside. It sure is hard to beat Ajijic in terms of comfort and interesting things to do. I am glad I moved there years ago instead of here. I like visiting here but living in Ajijic.