Friday, June 24, 2011

More information on the Mango Subject

I received this interesting e mail after I posted the one on the phrase the waiter said to me this morning, I feel like a Mango. 

My name is Elvira Jimenez I live in Seattle, WA.
I read your blog from time to time, I would like to elaborate a little bit about "como un mango".  You posted that means "I am very happy" but like almost everything in Mexico it has a double meaning.  We call someone that is very good looking/voluptous/sexy a "mango" and it goes for both women and men! So when someone tells you I feel like a mango and he/she is not good looking...he/she is being facetious!
Keep up the good work!
Thank you Elvira for that very interesting information......
What makes a Mango so special? Why not say, I feel like a Banana or an Orange?


  1. how funny, i never would have realized the meaning of that. we just got back from japan today where you will be shocked to hear that 2 beautiful, flawless and very large mangos wrapped in fancy packaging cost $180.00. at first i thought i was converting the yen into dollars incorrectly so i asked my husband and he said i was right. yikes. i think the least expensive ones i found were around $7.00 or $8.00 a piece. maybe after i've been living there for a while i'll write up a price comparison like some folks in mexico have done. thankfully, we will get a good amount for cola (cost of living allowance) still, we need to be very frugal as everything is very expensive.

    we're very excited because we got the house we wanted-it's beautiful and very western with all the amenities we are used to. no more kerosene heaters for us.

    take care and have a nice weekend!


  2. Hi Teresa, Thank you for writing again. I would love to see some price comparisons from Japan. I taught English there for a few months in 1990. I was shocked at the prices then. One small green tomato was five dollars. I ate noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must have felt a lot of pressure to enjoy those expensive mangoes. I am glad you found a beautiful home there. Keep in touch. I want to hear about your adventures. Maybe you could set up a blog about living there? P

  3. hi patricia,

    a few other people have suggested that i start a blog, but i'm not very computer savvy and think i wouls just end up very frustrated. what i am going to do is writing a weekly summary and i will send it to my friends. i would be happy to send it to you.

    not sure what you meant by pressure to enjoy those expensive mangos, but we didn't buy any, not even the less expensive ones. we had a lot of fruit for breakfast at the hilton so i didn't feel like fruit the rest of the day.

    take care,


  4. Hi Teresa, I had thought that you bought the expensive mangoes. That is why I said something about pressure to enjoy them. I would love to read about your further adventures. Please put me on that mailing list. P