Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Morning in Chapala

This morning I had to make a trip into Chapala for a blood test. I go to a laboratory on Morales which is the same street that the bus from Ajijic comes into Chapala on and it is just a few blocks from the plaza. Further on is the American Legion which I went to after the blood test. I had a delicious breakfast there.  The American Legion is having a couple of interesting things in a few days. On the First of July they are having a celebration for Canada Day. It starts at two in the afternoon. They are having Polish Sausage, macaroni salad , Cole slaw and Ice cream. Tickets are 100 pesos. Contact Barbara Marden at 376 765 5752 or bmadren@hotmail.com

On the Fourth of July they are having another celebration. Fried chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, chocolate topped ice cream for 120 pesos.  Tom Keehen at 765-2048....

All ready for my blood test
This statue is in the same room as where they take the blood test.
American Legion Restaurant
American Legion
My Breakfast at the American Legion
Entrance to the American Legion
American Legion yard area
Chapala Plaza


  1. For breakfast I had: the two round things are way up there on my list of favorites, with butter and syrup, the two white and yellow things are a staple, over easy, don't break or you have to start over fresh, but what in the world is the other stuff, not recognizable, more info please, but the American Legion Resturant just went to the must see list. Enjoy

  2. I had bacon, eggs, pancake and crispy hash browns. The hash browns aren't in the photo because they weren't done yet. It was a delicious breakfast. Thanks for writing and asking about it. P

  3. Canada Day? In Mexico? Really? The Lake is an odd place.

  4. Hi Steve, Yes, believe it or not, there are more Canadians here than North Americans.... This place is teaming with Canadians.....Thanks for writing. P