Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breakfast at Mom's Deli

One Lucky Cat, Sky
My delicious Breakfast at Mom's Deli
Mom's Deli
This morning I took the bus to Mom's Deli and had a delicious breakfast. It was a cornmeal waffle with two poached eggs on top with spinach and cheese sauce. Then on my way home I took the photo of Sky, the cat in the purse. Sky gets to go for an outing everyday. Also gets bacon to eat at the restaurant. Lucky cat. I have never seen a cat at a restaurant, just dogs. It was fun to see it.


  1. sky is precious and that breakfast looks delicious! couldn't tell what it was-now i see the white stuff is cheese sauce-yum!


  2. Hi Teresa, Delicious breakfast. Cornmeal waffle with two poached eggs on top and spinach and cheese sauce. Thank you for writing again. Patricia

  3. Wow, looks like quite the adventure! Followed

  4. Thank you for writing. Every time I go out, it becomes an adventure because I don't have a car..... Mexico is so interesting. Patricia