Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Theft

Vino Blanco by the Lake
After such a relaxing morning at the lecture and then walking by the lake, we discovered that someone had broken into Carolina's car.  As you can see, it is parked on a quiet street. It was just a block from the Lake Chapala Society. The back window was smashed in and my swim bag had been stolen. I didn't lose much except my favorite swimming suit and some flip flops and a library book which I will have to buy. But Carolina now has the problem of finding another glass to replace her window.  They didn't steal our few yard sale items. I wish one of those snakes had been in the car. Wouldn't that have surprised the thief or thieves? It was a shock to us to see the broken window and we both had the feeling of being violated, our private space invaded. I think that it the greatest loss, the loss of a feeling of safety...... We were only gone an hour and a half. 


  1. You know someone saw/heard something, for pity's sake. That's what gets me about things like this. I'm pretty sure here, someone would have done/said something, but often in Mexico folks think its best to "not get involved".

    Very sorry,

    Hope it was just some opportunist and a little vigilance will keep you safe.


  2. Thank you for writing. Of course someone saw something. There were people all around. But I am glad it wasn't an even greater loss. It was only a loss of things. Things can be replaced.... P

  3. I traveled across Mexico in 1976 with nary a snafu. Well, yes ... there was the Canadian hitchhiker we picked up in our VW van who smoked (apparently) a lot of weed outside the van. And the night we spent camped in Morelia inside a motel courtyard because of a typoid epidemic in the town itself. And that same night there was a fireworks display & festive drunken Mexicans with firearms about 200 yards from our van where I was afraid that a bullet might pierce my head at any moment...and I wondered how the Canadian kid was doing outside the van in his sleeping bag. But, when we crossed back into the US & after the sniffer customs dogs poured over the van & we'd had our first celebratory Big Mac & stopped off to see the Alamo - THAT'S when our van was broken into & all our clothes & memorabilia were taken. Motto? Remember the alamo.

    I'm sorry this happened to you! Bad things DO happen to good people. I send you my love & good thoughts....

  4. As you know, the rear window in my truck was broken out earlier in the month. It only took two days to have the whole thing back in tip-top shape. It is too bad when these things happen. But it is nice to know we can get up and going with very little down time.

  5. Thank you for that interesting comment. Have you ever thought of making it into a short story? I appreciate your good wishes. Patricia

  6. Hi Steve, Thanks for writing. Yes, it isn't that difficult to fix the damage. The damage that is hard to fix is emotional, the feeling of invasion and lack of privacy and safety. P

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  8. Thank you Nora. I appreciate your comment. Patricia