Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lazy Days During the Rainy Season

Today was the first day in several months that I had an opportunity to take Chico for a walk. He loved it. I was house sitting for forty days and then when I returned to my casita I have been cleaning it up. Also, I have been sick most of that time.  This isn't a pleasant subject but I had very bad diarrhea. For three weeks I couldn't even get away from the bathroom. I went to the doctor and got medication. I took two rounds of it. It kept coming back. Finally, a friend suggested that I visit with another doctor who specializes in these kinds of diseases. He said that I am disease free now but from all the medication I took,  I am no longer processing food properly. I have to take another round of medication for that.  I hope I will be well soon.

I have several other friends with similar problems. I don't know why. I wonder if this heat has anything to do with it. The women I have talked with at the animal shelters said that the animals get many more diseases when it is hot like this. Maybe the same is true for humans too.

Besides my problems with being sick, I also have had to deal with the electricity constantly going out in my casita in Lower La Floresta. Because it is an older neighborhood, nothing works right. Every time it rains, we lose electricity. (That means almost every day.) Other areas lose it too but we lose it not for hours but days. It feels like we have been without it more often than with it. I don't mind no electricity as much as no water. When the electricity is out the water pump is out too.  It is hot and the fans don't work. I can't cook anything either. It is very uncomfortable. So that is it for my complaining for today. I am glad we had some sunshine. I hope it will continue for a few more days. 


  1. Sorry you're still under the weather so to speak. Sounds like you need to visit the kids in P town, it's beautiful there this time of the year.
    God bless,
    Susie H.

  2. Hi Susie. Thank you for writing. What is P town? I am game. Patricia

  3. I may be wrong but I think I read in your older posts that your son and his wife live in Portland Or.
    Yes living within your means is smart, that is what I am doing in Fl. Maybe one day I will do it in Mexico. I still miss SC, every single day. I know living there would take a lot more $$$. You would think I would get over it but not yet anyway.
    Hope you are feeling better everyday.
    Susie h.

  4. Hi Susie, Thank you for writing. Yes, my family is in Portland. They have had a very bad winter and it is still raining. If you come down to visit, please look me up. Patricia