Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Part 2 of my favorite photos from 2017

The photo above was taken by Alex.

Above is one of the contestants at the rebozo parade.

Wednesday Market.
Grapes at the Weds. Market.

The apartment building around the corner from my place.
Revolution day parade.
The rebozo parade.
Wednesday market.
Pony rides at the Chapala Malecon

The photos are of low quality because of having to use few pixels but the memories I have of taking them are of very high quality. I LOVE LIVING IN MEXICO.....  


  1. Beautiful people and the colors are amazing. You live in a very nice place.

    1. Thank you Peter for commenting. Yes, I agree. I do live in a nice place. It was good for me to look at the past photos to get a realization once again of how nice it is to live here. P