Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant, Tepetate

I went out to lunch again on Saturday to my favorite Thai restaurant. The Tepetate. Here are some photos of it and our lunches and some others that were coming out of the kitchen. It was crowded. This is a popular place. But don't expect the food to be cheap. It isn't. Prices have gone up a lot all over town in the restaurants, stores and places for rent. Except for the small Mexican style restaurant that we ate at on Friday. That was a nice surprise. 

Above is a vegetable curry.

We ate the salad above, a green mango salad.

We also shared the pad Thai above.
And we shared the spring rolls above.

Above was another person's curry.

Our order of  pad Thai, mango salad and spring rolls cost about 28 dollars, including the tip. I am guessing  a meal like that could be found in many restaurants in the United States for the same price. Maybe not in Portland, Oregon. 


  1. Beautifully prepared and hopefully delicious. And yes, that is priced pretty high and about what I could get it for here in Fort Worth. ($21 plus tax & tip).

  2. Seems expensive however looks like lots of food. I love Thai food but have never had green mango salad.

    I learned to cook Green Papaya dishes while living in Hawaii----also shredded green Papaya Salad with Papaya Seed salad dressing.

    The cooked Green Papaya dishes were Phillapino and most were made with Chicken. They were ADOBO style dishes and very simple to prepare. I loved the diverse nature of Hawaii--Chinese/ Japanese /Korean / Samoan /Vietnamese / Phillapino / Populations. And they all had their own Grocery Stores. Living in Hawaii was a FOOD EXTRAVEGNZA .

    I have along time friend who still lives in Honolulu and sends me GOODIES from time to time. Recently Black Fungus Mushrooms ( dried ) Charsu seasoning and POA BERRY JAM.

    Love your Blog and Photos.

    1. hi Larry, thank you and thank you for writing. Maybe that was a green papaya salad. I can't remember now. I don't eat there often since it has raised the prices. P

  3. Hi Scott, thanks for that feedback. Yes this place is changing to be as expensive is in the USA. P