Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Market in Ajijic

The above woman makes her paintings with a small spatula. It is interesting to watch her get in all that detail without using any brushes.

When I unloaded my camera this morning, I was surprised to see that I had only taken four photos at the market. I must have been too busy with my shopping. I am living a bus ride away from the market now and it takes a lot more effort for me to get there and even more effort to get back home with my heavy groceries. I still enjoyed my time there. As I have said before, market day is my favorite day of the week. I get to meet friends, listen to music, eat good food and buy delicious fruits and vegetables for the rest of the week. I am glad my little casita is just a block from it. Life is a lot easier when I can get there and back easily.

After shopping yesterday, I walked down to my casita. I ran into my landlord as he was walking up to the market. I hadn't seen him for a couple of months. He just returned from a trip to Europe. Then I took Chico for a long walk to the Lake Chapala Society. He was happy to see me and to be walking around town again. I love that little dog and I miss him when I am gone. People tell me that he misses me too. I don't know if dogs miss people. They live in the present, not the past. But it is nice to think that I might be missed.

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