Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Again

I am finally back to my little casita after a month of house sitting. As the old saying goes; There is no place like home. Even though it is just a two room place with no kitchen, it is still home to me. I came from a beautiful two story home where I last was house sitting but I am glad to finally be here with all my bags unpacked and Chico sleeping on a chair by my side. I loved all the little dogs I took care of but they still belonged to other people.

At different times I have considered not maintaining my own place, just going from one house sitting job to another but that isn't practical. I need to have a place of my own, even if I am only in it a few days a month. Several of my friends are thinking of moving in together so they can have nicer places than when they live alone. I think it is a good idea. But I am such a loner. I need my private space. I would rather live in a very small place alone than in a mansion with other people.

I can't handle stress. I can't handle problems that belong to others. I have enough stress and personal problems of my own. I just want a simple life. No television. No phone. No mail. No house mates.......I am glad to be home again.

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