Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday Morning in Chapala

I got up early in the morning and took the bus to Chapala. I had to go to a lab to get some blood work done. Sort of a yearly check up on everything. Which, of course, I have NEVER had because it was too expensive in the States. It cost me 80 dollars here. Not bad. I guess I can afford to take care of my health now that I am in Mexico.

The elderly woman on the right was selling flowers. Not many customers around.

This is the front of the Plaza in Chapala. It was a quiet morning.

It made me sad to see this sleeping dog. He was my friend Nick's favorite dog. Nick passed away not long ago. I miss him when I come into Chapala. He was always hanging out with the other men at the outdoor restaurant.

Above is a favorite Expat restaurant. They have enormous breakfasts. I shared half of it with the dog in the photo below. He got ham and pancakes and eggs. Lucky day for him.

Above is the beauty college. I asked what they charged for a pedicure. They said, Whatever you want to give her. I figured it might take all morning since she would be learning on me, so I passed it up.

The above two photos are of a new shop that sells used clothing. Everything is ten pesos. I bought a few blouses and a jacket for winter. Pretty girl behind the counter but she looked bored.

I always enjoy going into Chapala. Someday if it gets too expensive for me in Ajijic I may move back there. It is an interesting town. I took the above photo just because I thought the woman had a pretty back.

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