Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday Market Again

Above is Anita with a free puppy in her lap.

I met Sally and her dog Harry at the entrance to the market. I wanted to take a photo of Sally's beautiful gauze dress. It is perfect for this hot weather.

The dogs were for sale for 3000 pesos each.

I asked Suzanne for a photo. She and the handsome salesman looked at each other and then posed for me. I think they both enjoyed posing together.
My friends Cheryl and Billy.

The young people in the above photo made this beautiful jewelry. I enjoy watching people being creative.

This man has been living here for many years. He wrote a book about his adventures. I didn't write down his name and the name of the book. Something about the Nitty Gritty of living in Mexico. I thought it would have shown up in the photo but it didn't. I will check it out next Wednesday. Maybe I will buy the book.

My friend Emily. She is sitting at Gigi's Boston Deli. She is wearing her favorite color, lime green. That is one of my favorite colors too.

The man in the above photo is collecting money for the musicians.

I was taking photos of the street band when the man in the above photo grabbed me and danced with me. He is an artist. You can see one of his paintings behind him. It was fun to be dancing with him.
It was upbeat music. Everyone was happy.

The market wasn't very crowded this week. It was getting hot but people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Market day is my favorite day of the week. Not only is it the day I get my groceries but it is also time for meeting friends and dancing in the street. I LOVE MEXICO.

My son just wrote to me. He said, You never had that much fun when you lived in the States. I told him that my big excitement for the day used to be to drive to the Grocery Outlet and stand in front of the refrigerator section of the store and see what was on sale. What was on discount from the discount store! I couldn't afford to buy the fresh stuff. It was kind of like when I was bored and I would just open the refrigerator and stand in front of it for awhile, gazing at the various things, wondering if there was something in there that would fill up the terrible hole inside of me. I no longer feel that empty space now. Mexico has filled me up to overflowing.

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