Friday, May 21, 2010

House Sitting Friends

Above is Mickey, the one eyed dog. Last year he had a run in with a car. But he still loves to walk. He is pleading for the evening walk in this photo. How could anyone resist a face like that?

I don't know the cat's name. She mostly hides.

My friends Cheryl and Billy just started a four and a half month house sitting job. They were in the midst of cleaning it from top to bottom, even the ceiling fans, when they asked me over for dinner. I was impressed at the changes they made in the house. It belongs to a bachelor. He doesn't pay much attention to the house. He is very lucky to have them house sitting for him. The first two photos are of the animals they are taking care of and unfortunately I neglected to take photos of them. Sometimes I wonder about my priorities...... They walked me back to where I am living, just a few blocks away. The other photos were taken on the walk.


  1. Hello Pat...
    Had I known you were going to be on Rio Bravo Street today in Rancho Del Oro, I would have called my Mom to meet you. She is a young retired lady, 60 something years young, who walks with her dog in this same neighborhood you have pictures of in todays blog...maybe you've seen her or met her? How I wish I were in Ajijic instead of Chgo IL...Mom lives on Rio Bravo just up the hill from where you took this picture...
    Thanks for the pictures

    Take Care Peter Dominguez

  2. Hi Peter, Thank you for writing. What is your mother's name? She may be living next to where Cheryl and Billy are house sitting. They are just up Rio Bravo. They have only been here a few days and I bet they would like to meet her. I would too. Patricia

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Next time you are up at the house that Cheryl and Billy are sitting how about taking some photos, if not the inside then at least the outside, likely I walked past it often on the my way down the hill!

  4. Hi John, I will do that but I won't post them on the blog. I will show them to you. I am sure you were by there many times. Thanks for writing. Patricia