Saturday, May 22, 2010

Putting Information on My Blog

I am being careful about putting certain information on my blog. I don't put on photographs of houses where I am house sitting. I don't give out addresses of those places. There have been too many break ins here. I was asked to call a man's mother and he gave me her phone number and address. I will call her but I didn't put his comment on the blog, for her sake. She lives alone. No reason to give thieves any information like that. So I hope I don't offend anyone by not posting information like that. I am just being cautious.


  1. You are being smart.

  2. Pat

    You are definetly being smart...allot smarter then me. I never thought about that. Please call her. I spoke with her today & she is expecting your call & looking forward to meet your friends in the neighborhood.


    Peter D.

  3. HI Peter, Thank you for writing again. I am glad your mother wants us to call her. I will do that. Patricia