Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Trip to the Beauty Shop in Ajijic

Above is my friend Dan. He is getting his summer haircut. It cost about seven dollars. That is inexpensive compared to prices in the States. But not here. I know of barbershops here that only charge two dollars and fifty cents but the barber is a man, not a beautiful woman. I am sure it was worth the extra few bucks to have her do it instead of a man. He looks like he is enjoying himself.

Tip time.
Above is Dan's wife. Her name is Carol. She just got her hair styled in Guadalajara. It was a lot more than seven dollars but she is pleased with the results. Me too. That haircut is perfect for her. They are both getting ready to return to the States for awhile.


  1. patricia,

    So glad you mentioned beauty shop. I hate to admit it but getting my hair done is one of the things I've fretted about in thinking about moving to Mexico. Boy, vanity gets us every time. From your photos, it looks like good stylist are available. Glenda

  2. Hi Glenda, Thank you for writing. Yes, they are all over the place here. If you want to get fancy, just go to Guadalajara and pay big bucks for one. They come in all price ranges here. Patricia