Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Morning with Friends in the Ajijic Plaza

I had breakfast with Emily and Dale and the two dogs I am taking care of now. The black dog is Angel. She is eleven years old now but still going strong. The little dog is Pixie. She is just a year old. They are both sweet dogs and I am enjoying spending time with them. They love to go for walks.

Above is my new friend Sally. Her dog's name is Harry. I met Sally a few months ago when she told me about Harry being held up at the Guadalajara airport for several days. She was very upset at the time. She now lives in Ajijic. She and Harry both look happy now.

I took the two above photos at a yard sale next to the Lake Chapala Society. Everything, naturally, was expensive. Yard sales here are very disappointing.

The little boy above was taking a break from selling his green beans.

The two photos above were taken in the plaza. It was a beautiful morning. In the afternoon I took a ride with the dogs and Emily to Jocotopec. We were looking for places to rent. We didn't find anything but it was a fun afternoon. Emily wants to move to a larger house with a yard in the country. Now she lives in the heart of Ajijic. Rentals are expensive here. It is hard to find anything for less than eight hundred dollars a month. I am thinking about going to some towns around the lake to see if things are cheaper. I love Ajijic but prices keep going up.


  1. Hi Patricia,
    The picture of the boy resting near (on?) the green beans made me smile!

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for your comment. Yes, I thought it was a cute photo. It is easy to see these children as pests because they are always around interrupting conversations, trying to sell green beans and berries. Then when I see them resting I am brought back to reality. They are not pests. They are children. And they work hard. Their lives are hard. Then I think, Buy green beans and berries from the hard working children.

  3. I love your blog - we lived in Mexico City many years ago and just adored it. The Chapala area looks so beautiful. Do me a favor and tell me how to pronounce Ajijic? I know the J sound is usually an H sound, but can't figure out how to say it - AHEEHEEK? Sounds like I have seen a mouse!

  4. Hi Penny, Thank you for writing and your compliment. I don't know how to write things phonetically but what you wrote sounds about right. It IS very beautiful here. Come down sometime and I will show you around. Patricia