Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Thoughts on the Ajijic Real Estate Market

As I was walking home from the Lake Chapala Society this afternoon I took photos of these little houses. Since they are very close to the heart of Ajijic, I am guessing that if any of them ever got on the market they would be 100,000 or more. I looked again at a couple of real estate sites. I didn't see any houses for sale in the heart of Ajijic for less than 100,000. I know there is one place directly across the street from LCS for 119,000. It has been for sale for quite awhile. Maybe because it is extremely small and narrow with many stairs. So, if anyone is lucky enough to own a house in downtown Ajijic, they can ask a high price. I would say probably 100,000 more than it would be worth if it were further out.

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