Thursday, May 20, 2010

Morning at the Lake Chapala Society

Above is the woman who runs the coffee shop. She is a beautiful woman. I don't remember her name right now. I bet a lot of the men who buy coffee from her know it.

Another peaceful morning at the Lake Chapala Society. I am always happy to be there. My friend Vogel is in the above photo. He is lucky. He bought a little house just a few blocks from the LCS from a friend for about fifty thousand dollars. Maybe that is why he smiles so much.


  1. Patricia,
    Her name is Rosa, and you already know my opinion of her beauty, and I never even bought coffee from her! Plenty of pastries though.
    Thanks for providing a photo of her for far away admirers that are hoping to be back soon!

  2. Hi John, Thank you for continuing to read my blog and for writing to me and for being such a great friend. I am going to start calling her by her name. Thank you for that. Patricia