Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rubins Restaurant

Above is the photographer Jaime Barbiery. The art opening was of his photographs. Beautiful photos.

Above is the owner of the restaurant, Rubin. He is very friendly and makes people feel at home. The food is good. The restaurant is on the main street close to Colon. It is one of these places that surprises you because it looks small but opens up into a beautiful garden.

The two photos above are of the musician, Louis Pavao. He played beautiful music. Some of it was Hawaiian. He gave me his CD. I love it. He is available for parties. You can contact him by e mail or phone: E mail address is: Or phone: 766 3089. Thank you Louis for the CD.

Dale and I went out to dinner and found a nice surprise. There was a photography show at the restaurant. Beautiful music and interesting people. It was a lot of fun. There are many art shows in this town and I usually never find out about them until they are over. I was lucky this time.


  1. Oh Patricia.... thank you so much for taking pictures of my 2nd exhibition here in Ajijic! I brought my camera and was busy schoomzing and didn't get the chance to take pictures myself.... Just spoke with Stacey telling me to check out your blog. Check out my blog too, Adventures in Ajijic.
    Thanks again and I hope to meet you soon....
    Con Carino,
    Jaime Barbiery

  2. Hi Jaime, Thank you for writing. I really enjoyed the show. I will check out your blog. Patricia