Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Morning Walk into Town

It was garbage morning and this dog is checking it out. The garbage is piled up on street corners early in the mornings, three days a week, and the trucks come by to pick it up. The streets are very narrow so if you get stuck driving behind a garbage truck you might as well relax and enjoy the wait. It will be a slow drive.

Above is part of the plaza at six corners.

A bus stop. The bus stops at every corner going into town and if you are in the middle of the block when he drives by all you have to do is stick your arm out. The driver will stop and pick you up.

I met Dale at the Lake Chapala Society for coffee. These cute dogs were a handful for their owner.
The mural above is on one of the corners in the main part of Ajijic. It was a hot walk and it was before ten in the morning. I had planned on walking to my casita to get Chico. I haven't seen him for almost a week but by the time I got to the plaza I was too hot to walk the extra blocks to get him. Sorry Chico. Maybe tomorrow.

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