Monday, May 17, 2010

Dr. Luis Fernando Cota Pasos

Above is a photo of Dr. Cota. I went to him for the first time today and I am impressed. He seems like a wonderful doctor.

The above photo is Dr. Cota's helper. I didn't get his name on this visit. Dr. Cota's phone number is: 376 766 1198. His office is at Zaragoza No. 165, Ajijic.


  1. Hi Patricia, Is this doctor in or near the Danza Del Sol hotel? Ian is leaving tomorrow at 1pm. Can't wait, but don't tell him. LOL Talk soon

  2. Hi Billy and Cheryl, Maybe I will walk over there in a couple of days or maybe we can meet at a local restaurant for dinner. The doctor is IN the Danza Del Sol. He is the hotel doctor. A very nice man. Patricia