Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lunch with Dale at 60's In Paradise Restaurant

Above is Leigh Frederick. She and her husband Frederick are the owners of the restaurant. She has such a nice smile. I immediately liked her.
Leigh took this photo of us (Patricia on the left. Dale on the right) while we were waiting for our food.

Above is our waitress. What a beauty. She is far too young for the 1960s to mean anything to her.

You might have noticed on the sign in the first photo that PETS ARE WELCOME. These dogs were practically laughing, they were so excited to be in the restaurant. I soon figured out that they were regular customers and they got their own hamburgers. No wonder they were so excited. Lucky dogs! The restaurant is located at Hidalgo #10, just west of the Ajijic plaza. If you want to call them, the number is: 766-4721. They have delicious hamburgers and shakes.

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