Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Dinner at Roberto's Restaurant in West Ajijic

Above are Cheryl and Billy. They celebrated 35 years of marriage at Roberto's last night. What a beautiful and inspiring couple. It is good to know that marriages can last and people can be happy in them. They always seem happy to be together. They recently pulled up stakes and moved here.

This is the inside of the restaurant before the crowd arrived. We got there at five thirty and by six the place was packed. On Sundays they are running a two for one special.

Elaine and Luis brought Cheryl the flowers. Cheryl looks very happy.

Elaine's friend was showing off his new puppy, a Rottweiler. I think they already love each other.

Above is Luis. He and his wife Elaine moved here two years ago and opened up a Bed and Breakfast. I will take photos of it in a few days. Luis does home repairs. He speaks both Spanish and English. His phone number is 376 766 1920.
Above is Elaine. Luis and Elaine have been married for nine years. Looks like another successful marriage. What a beautiful couple. Roberto's Restaurant is on the carretera in west Ajijic.


  1. So how was the food at Roberto's Restaurant?
    What is the name of Luis and Elaine's new B&B?
    Thanks Patricia, Keep on Swimming!

  2. Hi John, Food was good. I will have to get back to you on the name of their B&B. I am taking photos of it for the blog sometime next week. Thanks for writing. Patricia

  3. The restaurant looks great. I check your blog every day - love it. Please tell Elaine that some of us are waiting for her next blog entry!

  4. Thank you for writing. I didn't know that Elaine had a blog. Are you maybe talking about Cheryl? Patricia