Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lunch with Dale at Hacienda Ajijic's Steak Place

Above is a photo of the Hacienda Ajijic Steak house.

I saw these cute girls on the way to the restaurant. Unfortunately, I didn't get all of the taller one's head. But they had such beautiful smiles, I put the photo on anyway. Check out the smaller girl's hair style. I think they were going to a party.

This ice cream cart was out in front of the restaurant. Maybe the owner was having a cold drink inside.

Above is Tony, the excellent waiter. He speaks perfect English. He is extremely professional and friendly. He talked us into having a dessert by offering to pay for it himself if we didn't like it. It was delicious so he didn't have to buy it.

Dale was having a beer before the steak sandwiches arrived. They were delicious and they only cost around four dollars. It was cool in the restaurant and the atmosphere was relaxing. I think this is one of my favorite restaurants and I am lucky that it is just up the block from where I am house sitting now. Thank you Dale for lunch.

The mural on the back wall is beautiful.

Above is the bar next door to the restaurant. It is located on the Carretara just West of Ajijic. There is a huge sign out front with the name on it. Hacienda Ajijic's Steak House. Address: Carretera Ajijic Poniente #268-7 Ajijic. Telephone: 376 766 4906. The owner's name: Jorge Ancona Noriega.


  1. HI Pat,
    Billy and I had dinner there last week, Tony was our waiter too, he is so nice, and the steak I had was great, we will be back!

  2. Hi Cheryl, While I am living out here let's meet there and have dinner together sometime. Patricia