Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Berry Sales Transaction

On Sunday I had breakfast with my friend Judi at Salvador's Restaurant in Ajijic. They have a great breakfast buffet for seventy pesos. Judi bought some raspberries from the boy in the first photo. He had interrupted our conversation to try to get us to buy the berries. At first I was irritated about being pestered. We are always being pestered here and I was involved in a very serious conversation with Judi. Then I thought, I need to be more patient. So what if he interrupted our conversation? So what if his berries are overpriced? He is just trying to make a living. It is a lot better than people just asking for money. I need to remember that the next time I am approached by one of these high powered salesmen. I call them salesmen because they are doing a man's job. Too bad they can't just be children and be free to have fun. Instead they have to wander around town in the heat trying to sell things. It makes me feel sad.

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