Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Morning Bus Trip to Aticama with Pat

San Blas Bus Station
Pat at breakfast

Pat and I took the bus to a rummage sale in Aticama. The sale was a disappointment and then we had to wait an hour and a half for the return bus. I didn't mind so much because I got to take a lot of photos of the birds there.   We had a nice breakfast at one of the ocean side restaurants. I took photos of a couple of men who looked like they were settled in at the plaza for the day. Pat was getting irritated with waiting. She wanted to get home to work on her computer business.  I didn't mind except I was afraid to take a walk to the restroom. I sure didn't want to miss the bus if it came while I was in there. But all in all, it is hard to complain about the morning.  Okay, the problem with not being able to go to the bathroom was quickly getting urgent. But, why complain about being stuck in a paradise?

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