Friday, January 13, 2012

Casa Manana, Another Beautiful Spot

The hotel room
Pat, getting ready for lunch
Pat in the pool
Pat, having a rest
What can I say about this place? These photos say it all. 


  1. Hi Patricia -

    Me again. :)

    Oh yes the photos say it all! Wow. Just wow. You've topped even yourself lately! And that's saying something!! :)

    I know nothing about computers so it could very well be me (my end) but I'm letting you know in case it's a site issue. I can't always check here daily, so sometimes I go back a few days so I'm sure to see everything, and I always read the comments to "be part of the conversation" so to speak, and learn even more.

    The last I commented (re your photos, and your window saying I love the fabric so) was the last time I could access replies to comments. I can open that post, but when I click on "comments" that opens but the screen freezes, and doesn't let me scroll down to see/read the post, or new comments. ?? Do you know if anyone else is having this problem?
    I've not encountered it before.

    Anyway, thank you again (and again) for such wonderful posts!! You should do a book.

    (Oh...and I just had the thought....if the problem persists I won't be able to read your answer to this comment.....Will let you know if I can.


  2. HI Barbara, Thank you for the compliments. I have heard that others are having problems with my comment section but I know nothing about computers. My son set this up for me and he is in Portland.... I am just hoping it will work itself out soon. Thanks, P