Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Old Fort Overlooking San Blas

Pat and Saba


  1. great pix of the fort and surrounding areas. the smoked marlin and rice look soooo good. it's making me want mexican food. we vowed not to eat out this month because we are following very strict diets, but we will definitely have to go for mexican soon. only know of 1 place here so hopefully it's good. we must go to san blas someday. i will be prepared with deet. oh, love the pic of the dog in the t-shirt-so cute! it looked like he was posing for you.

    teresa in nagoya

  2. Gosh Patricia,

    Thanks so much for the great pictures.

    As much as we enjoy them most everyday we don't always remember to thank you.

    Keep 'em coming and take good care of you.


  3. hi P and D, Thank you for writing. I am glad people at the other end of this are enjoying the photos. P

  4. Hi Teresa, Thanks for writing. How are things? Are you still on your vacation? Yes, that dog was cute. I love the dogs... P