Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lunch with Pat and Saba at one of the Fish Restaurants

We had delicious Marlin tacos at this place
Tomas is practicing his English with Pat while we eat
Pat at lunch
Our Smoked Marlin and rice
View from the back of the restaurant
People gravitate towards Pat. It took me years to get used to that. I am invisible around her.
Another fish restaurant.


  1. I swear Patricia - when I finally am able to move to Mexico it's going to be like going home - and all because of your pictures. You depict everything so vividly and make it so real I can almost reach out and touch it, and smell the air. (Which I really wish I could when you post pictures of the food!) : )

    You know what I love most about your window? (Besides the view, the color, and that it's in Mexico...) The curtains! I absolutely LOVE that fabric and wish I could find yards of it.

    I so envy you your life - you are brave and face things so head-on and honestly. Gosh I admire that!


  2. HI Barbara. Thank you so much. I am glad you are enjoying Mexico through my eyes. I love the curtains over my window too. Dancing curtains. I get pleasure out of such simple things. P