Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photos of the Same Old Six Blocks in Ajijic

My son teases me about taking photos of the same six blocks for five years. Well, I am back in Ajijic and taking the same photos once again.

Restaurant at Lake Chapala Society
Lake Chapala Society
Ajijic Plaza
Restaurant at the Ajijic Plaza
Ajijic Plaza
This dog is hanging out by the fountain and the butcher shop. Smart dog.


  1. not oly is that dog smart, but cute too. glad to hear your friend apologized. you are right about close friends being irreplaceable.

    have a nice weekend!

    teresa in nagoya

  2. Hi Teresa, Thank you for commenting. Yes, dogs here all know where the butcher shop is located. The street dogs here are much better off than the ones in San Blas. And I am so glad my friend and I have made up. P

  3. Hi P

    Yippee !!!!!!! I am so glad you have made ammends
    4 weeks today and we will be there ...even with the recent rash of crimes as upsetting as it is..I am not letting it ruin my vac in Lake Chapala.....can't wait

  4. Hi CC. Thanks for the good wishes. It meant a lot to me that my friend and I made up. See you in four weeks. P