Friday, January 27, 2012

La Una Restaurant in Ajijic

La Una Restaurant has only been open for a few months but it seems to have become a very popular place. I had breakfast there today with Chico. They didn't mind that he was with me. It was delicious food. The atmosphere is friendly. They have two outside areas for eating, and two inside areas. It is owned by Douglas and Susanna. It is just around the corner from the Ajijic Plaza. Their phone number is: 331 145 5551 or (376) 766 2072.

Douglas and Susanna
Susanna is the artist
Chico, waiting patiently for me
Rene, the handsome waiter
Back outside eating area


  1. The restaurant looks great, inside and outside...and breakfast sure looks delicious!
    Karen in VA

  2. hi Karen, Thanks for writing. Yes, it is a lovely place. There are so many interesting restaurants in this town. Hope all is well in your world. P