Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Grocery Bill in Ajijic Today

This is what I bought today at my local grocery store.  Two small filet mignon steaks, enough hamburger for me and Chico for one meal, looks like almost two pounds of bacon, one beer, three zucchinis, eight potatoes, one bottle of olive oil, one sweet roll, one bolillo bread, one large bottle of dish soap, one roll of paper towels, and a small amount of Blue Cheese. When I brought it home Chico went crazy over the smell of the blue cheese. He LOVES it but at almost two hundred dollars a kilo, he only gets a small taste. I only get a small taste too. That is the most expensive item I bought today.   The cost was 19 dollars for everything. Not bad, not bad..... I am guessing that this same amount and kind of food would cost at least 35 dollars in the States.  What is your guess?


  1. This makes me want to move even more! I live in Gig Harbor, two and a half hours north of your son, and here that would cost around $50.00. And that's at a grocery where you can use a card and get discounts. I rarely buy steak - too expensive - and that size bottle of olive oil would run about eight dollars for an average brand.

    This is wonderful news! Well, except the price of blue cheese. I love it too, but I'd trade it to live where you do. : )


  2. Hi Barbara, Thank you for your comment. When I go to Portland to visit with my son, I am always shocked at the prices in the grocery stores. My son thinks it is funny. He must spend more money on groceries in one month than my entire living budget here in Mexico. p