Friday, January 20, 2012

Falling in Love Again and Again and Again

This morning I woke up once again feeling a low grade depression. Missing Chico. Missing my yard. Missing my friends. Missing the internet connection. I have a long list of things I miss that are in Ajijic.

I started sorting through my things, repacking my suitcase, cleaning out the refrigerator, setting things aside for Pat. I planned on taking the early morning bus the next day back to Ajijic.

By mid afternoon I was at the beach, swimming in the waves, eating guacamole, taking photos of people bringing in the fish net. I started thinking: Maybe I will stay until the end of the month here. After all, I have already paid the rent until then and walking on the beach is so good for my ankle.

By evening, while I was dancing in the plaza with all the friendly Mexicans, I started running through my list of people I know who own pick up trucks. Wondering if I could talk one of them into going with me to Ajijic to get all my things so I could move back to San Blas. I was thinking of how much more fun it was to be out dancing in the plaza instead of hiding out in my casita at night in Ajijic, afraid to walk the streets after dark.  

This pattern has been going on since I arrived here. It is a good thing I live alone. I drive MYSELF crazy. No one else could put up with the way I constantly change my mind.

This is the real problem:  Every day as it progresses I fall in love again with the simplicity and beauty of San Blas.


  1. I think for me it would be hard to live away from the ocean. The only time was when I lived in Oregon. Safety??? That's a biggy for a single gal, I would think at least for me it would be.
    Have the bugs been bothering you?
    May God guide you to the right path.

  2. Hi Susie, Thank you for writing and for the good wishes.... Sometimes the bugs bother me. Yes, safety is always an issue.... P

  3. sounds like it would be a great change for you pat. it does sound lovely there. i love the ocean so when we (hopefully) spend winters there, it will definitely be on the coast.

    take care and enjoy each and every day!

    teresa en nagoya

  4. hi Teresa, I guess this was the missing comment. Thank you for keeping in touch with me.... P