Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Couple of More Photos of My Little Room

My window
My Kitchen area
My closet next to my bathroom
This is just one room. I have a full size frig. And the bed is comfortable. It is clean and has enough light, even though it doesn't show it in these photos. It is half a block from the plaza which is very nice for me. It is up one flight of stairs. Costs 150 dollars a month. It is adequate......  I had a very hard time finding a place this inexpensive that was this nice.... Some of the prices were 800 dollars a month for ratty little motel rooms. The Bucanero is also inexpensive but not as nice as this room.....


  1. Thanks for more pics of your room. Its looks very comfortable and adequate and the price is great. Enjoy your time in San Blas!

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for writing. It is comfortable and QUIET which is a real plus in this noisy town. I feel lucky to have found it.. I may stay an entire month. P