Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dinner at the Social Club in San Blas

The food was delicious at the Social Club, but not inexpensive by Ajijic standards. I had fun and Pat bought my meal. What a great friend. It was an evening out with the girls. Or I should say, The Women. We are no longer girls.  The man was just stopping in for a minute, Augustin. He  is the owner. Handsome man.


  1. handsome man indeed. how was the sauce? everything looks so good!

    teresa in nagoya

    have a great weekend! how are the temps there? in the 70s perhaps. it's 34 here at 6:35 a.m. but i like a change in seasons, and it is usually sunny!

  2. My experience is that food at the beach is no bargain.

  3. HI Steve, Good to hear from you again. Right. Food on the beach is not a bargain. Generally, food here is more expensive in the restaurants than it is in Ajijic. Maybe because there is more competition in Ajijic. They have to try harder. P

  4. Hi Teresa, Good to hear form you. It is in the forties at night and high seventies during the day. Or maybe the eighties. Very nice here. Sounds like it is a little cold there at night. I hope you are well now. P